Posting to Google Plus through Email…

Ok – this is attempt number three. I found a WordPress to Google+ recipe in IFTTT that required a “secret email” that one could get from signing up for Google Voice which would then allow you to post to Google+ through SMS. There’s a super-secret email that’s attached to your SMS and that’s the way you can (theoretically) post to Google+ directly from Edublogs (of in IFTTT’s terms – WordPress!)

I successfully followed¬†these directions¬†I found on ComputerworldUK and accessed my super secret Google voice email and I’ve already posted to my Google+ using that email. Now I just need to get it to work as the action part of a recipe on IFTTT.


This is attempt number 3…….. 4……

Update – just cannot seem to get this to work through IFTTT – don’t know what I’m doing wrong!

Update – I’ve been doing more research and have found a few discussion boards that claim Google has purposefully blocked IFTTT from using the Google Voice backdoor.

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